Best burgers in Paris

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best burgers in paris

Being French doesn’t mean that you can’t be thrilled by the thought of a delicious burger… Here is a list of what I consider to be the best burger places in Paris – by order of preference – and that is coming from a picky French girl:

  • Roomies (14 rue du Cygne, Paris 1er)
  • Little Apple (27 rue de Saintonge, Paris 3e)
  • John Viande (7 bis rue de paradis, Paris 10e)
  • Cantine California (46 rue de Turbigo, Paris 3e )
  • Le Ruisseau (22 rue Rambuteau, Paris 3e)
  • Big Fernand (you have several spots in Paris)
  • Camion qui fume (11 place de la Madeleine, Paris 8e )

Why these places? Well…if like me, the key things to a tasty burger are a good bun, an incredible and perfectly cooked steak, good homemade seasoning and of course, a great side of fresh fries (I insist on the FRESH part), then you should be satisfied with trying one of these spots. I also love when the Burger Chef gets creative and adds some avocado, maple syrup, fresh herbs or even some Bleu cheese… Forget about tomato ketchup bought at the nearby supermarket or some frozen fries – you’d lose me right here. A good burger is made out of fresh and tasty products. That’s what makes all the difference!

Roomies is by far my favorite burger place… their meat tastes so good and they have high quality toppings. If you decide to go for Little Apple, try the avocado burger – if you’re into avocado of course – this is going to be your best bet.

If you’ve been to Paris and discovered another great spot, please share your experience below! I’m always happy to go try new burger spots!

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