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long and healthy hair


  1. Try Shampooing every day for a month or two
  2. Change your brushing routine
  3. Pick high-quality shampoos
  4. Use products that promote hair growth
  5. Opt for hydrating and protecting hair sprays
  6. Limit the use of rubber band and avoid making ponytails)

My hair is literally the first thing people ask me or comment about when they meet me these days so I thought writing an article about it would be a good idea (well actually, a friend of mine suggested it). So I want to share with you my best tips on how to promote long and healthy looking hair.

Yes, my hair is long — very long — and it looks healthy (so they say). And yes, it is a lot of work, but I like my long straight hair and honestly do not mind the ‘work’ it involves. Being young is the best time in life for long hair I reckon —  then there will be a time when it’s preferably better to go for a short haircut…

The first question people ask me is “how did you grow your hair so long?”. Well…First of all, I go to the hairdresser’s once a year to trim my hair, not more -—and I insist on the trimming part, because I never want to have a lot cut. So the first secret for long hair would be: let your hair grow, stop cutting it?! Doesn’t sound like a great piece of advice… I know… but it’s best to start with the core basics before moving on to tips for TLC.

I’ve been very loyal to my haircare routine and have been using the same products for a while now, so  I’d like to share these all with you, and hopefully these products will do wonders on you too!

***FYI — My hair is naturally pretty straight so my routine might not be the most appropriate for people with curly or wavy hair. ***

1 – Try shampooing every day for a month or two

I already hear a lot of you mumble convinced by the fact that shampooing every day can dry out your hair, which can then slow down hair growth. Well, I’m the living proof that this is bullshit. Again, I’m just sharing my haircare routine here, but all I can say is that my hair is looking better now than it used to be when I was listening to the three times a week cleaning BS rule. Besides that, I have to say that I really hate having to smell people’s dirty skulls — which can be smelly from very… very far away (some people do not realize that unfortunately). I really do believe that keeping your hair super clean is the best way to promote pretty, healthy and happy hair in a world where pollution is omnipresent — with the nice smell on top. Chances are your boyfriend will also be supporting this #1 tip.

2 – Changing your brushing routine might help

grow long and healthy hair buffalo horn wide tooth hair comb
Buffalo horn wide tooth hair comb

Love your hair. Take time to brush it gently, and brush it with a comb that is made out of a natural material such as ox or buffalo horn tooth. You will find plenty of options on Amazon.

Why is it preferable to use a horn comb instead of a plastic comb? Because ox horn is made from keratin, the same material human hair is made of. It doesn’t generate static electricity like plastic combs, and it is believed to be beneficial for hair and scalp health as well as for preventing split ends.

3 – Opt for high quality shampoos

I long believed I had oily roots before I realised that the more I was using products to treat it, the less improvements I could see. I guess our hair is like our skin, attacking it won’t improve anything but make it worse. Our hair needs good hydration above all. A Brazilian friend of mine made me try a shampoo once that I’ve been using ever since: Sebastian Penetraitt’s foundation shampoo. This brand has amazing products and this shampoo has definitely strengthened my hair and made it shinier. On top of that, the smell is fantastic, which has been the source of many compliments over the last two years I’ve been using it.

Sebastian penetraitt shampoo grow long and healthy hair
Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo

I have to say, I do see a difference between hair salon / more expensive shampoos and the supermarket ones I once used. Good quality shampoos are made of expensive ingredients and a price tag that comes with it — but they’re absolutely worth it in the long run! You get what you pay for.

4 – Use Products that Promote Hair Growth

I recently had the feeling that my hair was starting to thin and that I was suffering from hair loss and brittle hair — the fact that my hair is super long and can be seen everywhere when I lose one may also reinforce that feeling… A German friend recommended a caffeine-based shampoo called ‘Plantur 21’  or “plantur 39” that is apparently very well known in her country to fight that problem. The nutri-caffeine complex of the shampoo helps prevent a supply deficit in the hair roots and stimulates hair growth. An additional positive effect comes from the valuable micronutrients biotin, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

plantur 21 to grow hair
Plantur 21

After using this shampoo everyday for a couple of weeks I realised I was losing less hair when brushing it and that my hair had grown a bit longer — so I would definitely recommend it to people who are experiencing similar issues. The smell and the texture is also very pleasant, which I was surprised about because most treatment shampoos don’t really have nice smells. My hair looks thicker now and definitely more lustrous.

Thinning hair is almost inevitable after the age of 25 as the diameter of individual hairs naturally starts to decrease, especially in women. This changes the texture and body of your hair so that, by the age of 40, most people have finer hair with less body. An excess in salt has also been linked to a reduction in the function of the hair follicle. In fact, researchers have found that cutting salt intake can lessen hair loss by as much as 60 per cent.

Hydrating masks also help a lot! They will keep your hair strong and hydrated, encouraging growth. I’m a big fan of Christophe Robin’s Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender  — it’s a miracle in a bottle. The formula contains 97.7 per cent natural oils to completely restore the hair’s elasticity while vitamin E treats the scalp. This mask delivers a beautiful shine and leaves hair silky-soft. I can tell the mask restores my hair’s elasticity and helps prevent breakage too. You can leave it on for an hour to overnight. It’s recommended to use it once a week but I’m not very assiduous to mask treatments in general and tend to do it once or twice a month only…

5 – Use sprays to hydrate and protect your hair as much as you can

I stopped using my straightener after realising it was damaging my hair too much. However, I have a hard time dropping the use of my hair dryer, especially when it’s cold outside…But heat can cause serious damage to hair if you don’t take proper precautions, so, applying a heat protectant prior to blow drying is important.

L'anza hair spray grow long and healthy hair
L’anza Hair Spray

I’ve strongly reduced heat treatments overall, as this helps hair grow faster and be healthier. So when I use my hair dryer everyday, I try to be quick and usually do not use it for more than five minutes, only to lift hair roots. The best product I’ve used so far to protect my hair from the heat and moisturize it is the ‘Fruit de Noni Healing Moisture spray’ by L’anza. I apply it on my length and extremities. The texture is light and doesn’t have that sticky feel most sprays have, I love it. On top of that, the smell is beautiful.

Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Oil Spray for Hair OGX
Argan Oil Ogx

Once my hair is dry, I sometimes add a dash of exotic blend of Moroccan Argan oil by Organix. This weightless healing oil spray instantly infuses hair with an allover veil of shine, mends split ends and prevents static flyaways. The formula is also protecting hair from UV damage. I’ve been using this oil for about 7 years now and I love how it makes my hair smooth, glossy and shine. The divine smell is also what has made me a repeating and loyal customer. This spray can now be found pretty much anywhere (+ on Amazon) so I would recommend you to try it and let me know what you think! 🙂

If you do not like the smell of Moroccan oil, you can also try this L’anza kerastin serum, which also amazing!

6 – Limit the use of rubber bands and avoid making ponytails as much as you can

In order to prevent breakage, it is recommended to only use cloth-covered elastic bands and scrunchies. Try to prohibit the use of rubber bands in your routine. Of course, keeping your hair hanging loose will always be the best option.Personally, , I’ve switched from using elastic bands to hair clips when I do my morning and evening skincare routine, for example. I also always avoid putting my hair up while it is still wet — which I’ve heard isn’t good for hair.


Voilà! There are all of my haircare products for you to try. If you do, don’t hesitate to give me your feedback. Also… if you have long straight hair like me, I would be happy to know what your secret and wonderful must-haves products are. Please share in the comments 🙂

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