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Model beauty secrets

I had the chance to spend some time with Krystel recently and asked her if she was willing to share some of her beauty secrets. Krystel has worked as an international model for over a decade and I thought that she was the best person to ask. Here are her answers…


How long have you been modeling for and how did it all start?

I had my first modeling experience when I was 15 with the Elite model look competition. However, I really started it as a full time job when I was 20, after I signed with the Ford agency in Paris. That was after I passed my A-level and my accounting degree, which were important for me to get before starting a modeling career.


If you had to mention the photo shoots you are the most proud of, which ones would there be?

I have to say… every shoot is a unique experience, where you meet interesting people. Some of them are super nice and fun, some others are less of that haha. I particularly enjoyed the photo shoot I did with Fred Meylan at the Lolita Lempicka’s property. I also remember the one I did in South Africa for a French magazine. That one was at the Pezula hotel, which is quite a breathtaking place.


How do you manage to keep your figure? tell us your secrets… do you have a particular food diet?

Taking care of yourself and taking care of your body is part of the job. I try to exercise every day, I don’t overeat, nor overdrink. I try to have a good life hygiene in general. On the eve of a photo shoot, I always go to bed early in order to look fresh and be efficient during the shoot. I believe that all these details have a positive impact on a model’s career and allow you to work more often. If you take these little things lightly, your name can easily be taken off the list, either by your agency or by your clients. So I’m pretty serious about it.


What about work out sessions, how often do you hit the gym?

I do 20 minutes of cardio everyday, as well as abs and glutes exercises that I tend to vary, depending on my mood. A fitness coach once told me that you shouldn’t make your body used to repeating the same exercises every day. I also try to do my gym before breakfast to burn fat more easily.

French model beauty skinny secrets


Do you tend to work on one part of your body in particular?

Yes, my abs, buttocks and my thighs.


Any gym accessory that you would recommend using?

Any weight that can be used for abs and buttocks exercises. 


Do you have any advice for girls who are looking to lose weight?

I truly believe that food quantity matters. I usually take a rich breakfast and a heavy lunch, but I always have a very light dinner. Besides that, I regularly do lymphatic massages at the Sinara Beguin institute when I’m in Paris. This Brazilian technic has done wonders on me. You can really see results after only 3 sessions on your waist and on your thigh size. It’s quite mind blowing!

I guess perfect skin must also be in order when you shoot. Any skincare secret you could share with us?

I do zinc treatments and take brewer’s yeast tablets every year for my skin and my hair. I also love the treatments at the Magic Room institute in Paris. Their therapist is great and always adapts treatments depending on your needs (peelings, radiofrequency, microneedling…). Body massages are also a must-do for me as I believe they are essential to your overall well being and your blood circulation.


Speaking of massages, what is your go-to place for relaxing massages in Paris?

les bains de Léa paris
Les Bains de Léa, Paris

Les bains de Léa, definitely.


You must be a pro to do your own hair and makeup now after having seen so many experts performed it. What are your essential dos and don’ts?

I like my hair natural. I try my best not to hair dry it or not to use irons when I don’t work. The biggest issue we models have is that our hair is constantly attacked when we have to get ready for a photo shoot.

Regarding makeup, I don’t like to wear foundation when I don’t work. I want my skin to be able to breathe whenever it gets a chance. I just use concealer to hide dark circles and redness of the skin. I like to use some bronzer on the cheeks for a healthy glow too, as well as a fine line of eyeliner and some mascara. I like to add some red lipstick or some eye shadow when I go out.


What does your daily morning skincare routine look like?la mer beauty products

After washing my face, I usually use the Bioderma micellar water as a toner. I love to use the Revolut serum, day and night. I believe that the hyaluronic acid that it contains gives my skin a nice glow. I then use the day cream from La Mer as a moisturizer as well as their eye balm that do wonders to my skin. Additionally, I like to mix some drops of the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster to my day moisturizer to get a nice bronzed complexion all year long.


Are there any other products you would recommend for nails, hair or skin health in general?

For my hair, I have become quite addicted to the Kérastase Densifique collection and the OUAI hair oil. It has really changed my hair. Apart from that… I could recommend the Clarins reviving eye mask after a long night of partying. It helps!

For the nails, I personally use ricin oil and the Herome nail polish to reinforce them, and a serum like Revitalash or an equivalent for my eyelashes.

model beauty products


Is there any aesthetic treatment you are thinking of trying soon?

I have heard a lot of positive things about cryotherapy, I may try it when I get a chance.


Is there a model or actress you consider as a role model? if so, why?

I love Monica Bellucci for her Italian beauty and her classiness, and Penelope Cruz for her Mediterranean side.


You have been living in Paris for quite a while now, right?

Yes, I have been living here for almost 10 years now! I always lived in Le Marais, but recently moved to the 8th arrondissement.


Is there an address in town where we would be more likely to see you, where you like to spend time? 

I had countless coffees at Bar du Minimes and Chez Carette at Place des Vosges. I also love Café Charlot. I was going for drinks at L’avenue a lot recently, before the lockdown, as they have a nice terrace and… Lorient Extreme is definitely my favourite place for sushi!


Anything else you would like to share with us today?

I would like to wish everyone a good and healthy quarantine. Make the most of this time to detox and think about your future projects!


Krystel Marini
Krystel Marini
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